Subject: North American Ice Cream Itinerary

While I have not traveled since returning from my July 2003 trip to France, and I value being able to read about the other travels. Linda has made this topic available for those of us not currently traveling but still want to meet out minimum of 1 posting a year in order to remain an active member of thetravelzine group.

My favorite ice cream (custard) in Dallas Texas is Wild About Harry's.

The custard satisfies the dairy/sweet cravings and doesn't have as much fat, as his site says.Flavors vary. It's easy to have several favorites.

It's a quaint, small store on a very busy street, Knox @ highway 75 in the center of Dallas. There is parking behind the store, off street.

Harry also has a variety of sandwiches, hotdog and hamburger types. There is almost always a full store waiting in line to pick- up their order.

His website is below:

If anyone plans to come thru the Dallas/Ft. Worth area let me know and I would be glad to get together with you, or recommend whatever you indicate an interest in.

Naomi in Dallas Texas