Subject: Re: Kenya tips / travel gifts

On binoculars ... everyone in the party needs to have them to optimize the safari ... it is a real pain to see something interesting 1/4 mile off and everyone is yelling 'my turn, my turn' ... and it is so right that you need a good zoom on your camera ... at least 10x optical zoom (350mm lens) ... otherwise you'll get some good shots but nothing spectacular.

I won't mention the obvious great safari spots but also ...Try to find places where you can take walking safaris ... there is an island near Lake Naivasha where you can walk with zebra, giraffe, wildebeest and you will be alone ... neat. also nearby is the 'born free' museum for joy adamson ... very touching spot for a stop. Also you can walk, or bike (rentals available) in Hell's Gate - also nearby (although the drought a few years ago decimated the population so i am not sure of present wildlife status) ... also if you like birds there is the spectacular Lake Nakuru

If you have time Mt Kenya is a spectacular place ... nearby is a chimp refuge - Sweetwaters - definitely worth a visit ... they had a pet rhino named Morani (orphaned) and a pet wart hog that you could play with like a dog. Aldo the Mt Kenya safari club has the most interesting zoo in the world i think ... all orphaned animals, many wandering the grounds freely ranging from Ostrch to turtles ... but only for guests unless you have an influential friend.

On gifts ... baseball style caps ... T shirts for kids ... 35 years ago pennies were received nicely, now you'd need quarters.

Harold Washington D.C. area