Subject: Tuscany tips needed

I am looking for suggestions for our 2006 annual winter trip to Tuscany. We go at this time because of business, and I am running out of places that I am familiar with, but I'm sure there are dozens that others can suggest.

We will be staying in the Lastra a Signa area, just to the south and west of Florence; this part of the visit is set. We would like to have a car and day trip to areas south and west of Florence, and probably also into Chianti. But north to the Mugello area or to the area around Abetone is not out of the question. We have already spent time in Pisa, Lucca, and their surroundings, and are looking for something different. San Miniato has also been visited in depth.

San Gimignano is on the list, but I would like to add more. March will probably be our month. Any and all place suggestions are welcome. I saved some of the Chianti suggestions from last year, but areas in Chianti close to Florence would be helpful.

Thanks, Debbie in Pittsburgh