Subject: Re: Individual tour guide for Lybia and Iran
Dear Ziners and Lennards:

I can recommend a tour guide for Iran: He was the guide for the recent tour I took with Imaginative Traveler and he was GREAT! Pezhman Azizi: pezhmani @ (close spaces). He works for Arg-E-Jadid but might be available to freelance. Very knowledgable. English is excellent. His day job is in IT.

I've had recommended a Libyan guide, Mohammed Kair Alkhousi: M_Khousi @ (close spaces) in Libya by several people. I think he is freelancing at the moment.

Just got back from Iran and it was a wondrous experience. Am planning a Libyan trip for next February and am excited about it.

Go for it!

Jo in Sunnyvale CA