Subject: Italian law on designer knock-offs
Hello Ziners,

Travelers to Italy who like knock-off watches, purses, and other copies of designer products should known that you are subject to a 2000 euro fine if you purchase them. This is largely aimed at the large supply of street vendors. As bad as the fine is your need to hire a lawyer to defend you even if you are let off with a warning. My hotel told me that they knew of people who had been cited.

I have to confess a perverse pleasure in phony designer watches. My wife and I have three between us and they keep time at least as well as the real versions we also have. I like them because I can take them on a trip and not worry over possible loss and simply through them out when they stop working. Well, it does not seem worth the risk. Note that they are not going after the sellers. They are going after the buyers. This way, they don't have to pay for the extradition of the sellers, most of whom are not Italian citizens.

I also know that in one sense it is only fair that major designers be allowed to maintain the integrity of their products.

Ira Dallas, Texas