Subject: Re: Impressions of Ireland
Hi Lucy and other Ziners

I have enjoyed your accounts of Ireland Lucy, and am particularly impressed that you mentioned Portnoo, because we are staying there for 1 night during our too-short visit in August. We chose it for the local scenery so I'm glad it is interesting.

Did you use the AA Route Planner for Ireland when you planned your trip? If you did, how accurate did you find the travelling times? We are driving ourselves (it's the "right" side of the road for us, so we feel quite comfortable about driving, and are used to some pretty ordinary roads in Australia), but most days we are scheduled to go 200-240km. We love car travel and looking at the changing scenery, but it would be useful to get your opinions about the accuracy of AA's estimations, so we can decide essential versus optional sightseeing choices. (Also the highlands of Scotland, if anybody would care to comment on the accuracy of AA's estimations).

Thank you, Sally in Sydney