Subject: Re: Impressions of Ireland

You will love Portnoo. Be forewarned: it's really, really small (homes, a grocery store and a golf course). The pub/hotel in Navan, down the road, serves good food. Where are you travelling from to get to there?

Our planning consisted of me navigating with the Michelin map of Ireland. We knew our destinations and simply got on the road, sometimes deviating when the Cadogan Guide Book told us there was an interesting spot to stop. It will always take you longer to get anywhere in Ireland than you might expect even if you take the major highways because you will inevitably find yourself on a secondary road. BTW, the "M" series roads have tolls - 1.60 euros.

I learned today that "The Secret of Roan Inish", a 1994 movie directed by John Sayles, was filmed in Portnoo. Look for the island in the bay with a herd of cattle. It features prominently in the movie. You can walk out to the island during low tide. The beach of Portnoo is also beautiful for a long walk.

Have a wonderful time.

Lucy, Toronto