Subject: Re: Trip to Tuscany
Hi Ziners,

Ira wrote with several suggestions for Debbie in Pittsburgh. Just two comments: we explored the whole area last year -- loved all the places he mentioned. We went to Montalcino because my husband wanted to taste the brunello. The wine was great but, as Ira had heard, the town itself didn't offer much. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Perhaps we just didn't know where to go. We did not visit Montepulciano.

In another e-mail, Ira mentioned Vaggi's jeweler on Florence's Ponte Vecchio. That made me smile, since we bought a beautiful wedding band for me to celebrate our anniversary. It was their own design, and the price was very good, not what you'd expect from a store on the Ponte Vecchio. I highly recommend them.

Ciao! Debbie in Boca Raton