Subject: Re: Trip to Tuscany

We also went to Montalcino, for a couple of glasses of wine (and a bottle to bring home). I agree, the town doesn't have that much to offer, the views of the surrounding area is beautiful; that said, it's just as beautiful from Montepulciano, which does have more to see, and is certainly worth the trip, as is Arezzo, and Cortona.

We also went to the monastery of Monte Olivetto Maggiore. The drive to the monastery near Siena was by far the most beautiful drive we took when we were in Italy. The monastery has an outstanding set of frescoes painted by the artist "Sodoma" that depicts with life of Saint Benedict. It was truly remarkable. The monastery is still in operation, with cloistered monks; so visiting hours are sometimes limited, although we found them to be quite generous.


John Wiernikowski Hamilton, Ontario