Subject: Car rental and accommodation in New Zealand
Hello folks,

My daughter and I are planning a trip to New Zealand next Feb-March. We will be meeting a friend of mine there and the three of us will travel around for 3 or 4 weeks.

Does anyone have any recommendations about car rental companies and type of car to rent? We're also looking for budget accommodation that is comfortable and clean. I have been looking into Holiday Parks, because they have a range from backpackers bunks to motel units. The cabins with or without shower and toilet look like a good idea. There are communal cooking facilities and showers/toilets if they aren't in your cabin. Anyone with experience with these?

One car rental company that I found on the web said that you can leave your rental car in Picton or Wellington, to save paying for the crossing. Has anyone done this and picked up a new car on the other side?

I'm not having any trouble deciding what we want to see but I need advice about car rental and places to stay, since they will be our big expenses.

Happy travelling, Nancy in Bowmanville ON