Subject: Re: Car rental and accommodation in New Zealand
Hi Nancy,

We've been to New Zealand twice - both times to hike on the South Island.

It's fabulous and you'll love it.

We rented cars both times in America using Europcar. We rented the first time - picking up our car in Picton and returning it to Christchurch at the end of our trip. The 2nd time we were there, we picked up and returned the car to Christchurch. Both of these experiences went without any trouble. (We always use Europcar - in Europe or anywhere.)

As far as accommodations go, we went at the end of Feb/ beginning of March both times - and we went without reservations. We picked up a Bed and Breakfast Guide (printed annually) at the airport and just went where we wanted. We love travel this way and were very happy with our choices. The hikers motels were not for us. We wanted more privacy. Since we were there over 5 yrs ago, I will not make any recommendations. We also picked up a phone card, as all of the phones we used there require that card.

One other thing: Distances are vast and gas stations are few and very, very far between! Fill up your gas tank whenever you see a gas station.

If you have any particular questions, I'd be happy to help you in any way that I can.

Best, Susie Newton, MA