Subject: Re: Impressions of Ireland
Hi Lucy and Ziners,

We will be driving from Westport (Connemarra area) to Portnoo. I have a yen to see the cliffs in the Donegal area, so at this stage we'll probably head directly for Donegal before we deviate off the main roads too much.

Our overnight stops in Ireland, if I remember correctly, are Dublin, Cashel, Farran Village (near Cork), Ballydavid (7 miles north of Dingle), Kinnitty (near Birr), Westport, Portnoo, Ballygalley (just north of Larne) and Dublin.

This trip is one of those cases - do you see a little bit of a lot, or a lot of a little bit? We decided to see a little of a lot, hence we will be driving daily.

We are undecided about the day we go from Ballygalley to Dublin. Do we take our time and drive through the Mountains of Mourne area, which everyone tells us is beautiful, or do we save time and go on a tour of Newgrange? We will be seeing Maeshowe in Orkney when we are there for a day trip, which is a similar vintage tomb. We love scenery and enjoy driving, but also are fascinated by historical sights, and of course Newgrange is spectacular. If anyone would like to give an opinion I'd be interested to hear your views.

Regards Sally from Sydney