Subject: Re: Car rental and accommodation in New Zealand
Hi Susie,

What a beautiful place to hike!

> We rented cars both times in America using Europcar.

Unfortunately, my first and only experience with them was not a good one. We will be taking the ferry twice, so I'm interested in the least expensive way to do this. We also considered a motorhome, but I'd like a little more room and comfort in accommodations.

> As far as accommodations go, we went at the end of Feb/
> beginning of March both times - and we went without
> reservations. We picked up a Bed and Breakfast Guide
> (printed annually) at the airport and just went where we
> wanted.

Do you still have your guide? Does it have a website address? B&Bs can be good value in some countries, but with three of us they might be over our budget. Since I read your reply I've done a search and none so far have been set up for three in a room. It's a nice way to meet people though.

> choices. The hikers motels were not for us. We wanted more
> privacy.

We do too. The Holiday Parks offer a wide range of accommodations and the cabins give privacy but are more affordable than motels or B&Bs.

Thanks for your reply. I'll keep researching this, and see if New Zealand has a consulate in Toronto that sends out travel information.

Regards, Nancy in Bowmanville, ON