Subject: The wired tourist!
Hi Ziners,

Just got back from a short trip to Britain (more about that soon!). We have gone up-to-date - we had a cell phone (mobile) and notes in our iPod.

We got a GSM cell phone unlocked and bought a SIMM card from Virgin. It was useful to call B&B's and to link up with friends. We were also accessible to my family if necessary.

Best of all was the iPod. We downloaded our digital camera to it and used it as a notebook. It's small, light and easy to use. We could find information when we needed it - our reservations, phone book, calendar, restaurant tips, museum hours and addresses, etc. Before you go, you need to organize notes into logical file folders (for example, for Edinburgh, we had food near our B&B, city centre restaurants, tours, day trips, sightseeing, etc. The notes were written using a text editor. Line lengths (width) for our size iPod (the photo one) is 40 characters and each folder/note can't be longer than 4000 characters. If you need more than that, make another folder - subdivide the topic. The only drawback that you can't add more notes while you are on your trip.

We had used our iBook on a previous trip but we only had access to our notes when we were near the computer. With the iPod, we had the info we needed in our pocket when we were out and about.

Frances Toronto, Canada