Subject: Re: The wired tourist!
Hi Frances,

I always carry my PDA with me on trips. Not only am I able to download all my trip planning notes to it from my home PC before we leave, but I can also easily make daily notes about hotels we've stayed in and most importantly, what we've eaten. I always seem to remember trips better when I can read about what I ate (like the army, I travel on my stomach.) With a little practice the stylus- keyboard isn't too bad.

Between my wife's notes about the places we've visited in her (quaintly hand-written) trip journal, and my detailed descriptions about our fabulous meals, we manage to conjure up pretty good trip memories.

Another handy thing about the PDA is that we can play short movie clips of our dogs when we're starting to miss them.

I also got a GSM phone a couple of years ago. Since both of us have Aged P's, it's good to know that we can be reached at any time.

Now, if someone would just buy me a Treo.

Regards, Al Sonoma, CA, USA