Subject: Re: Summer Plans!
Hi Ziners:

My summer plans have changed as well, I'm heading off to the airport in a few hours for a 2-month stay in the UK, mainly London and Norwich, plus a short stay with friends in Hilden, Germany and maybe (with any luck) with a friend in Stockholm.

I was planning on visiting either Dominica or Cuba, but life got in the way, hence this trip instead. Oh well, next year with any luck.

But because I'll be pretty stationary most of the time, I have overpacked, big time. Am taking a spare duffel for the trips to Germany, Norwich, Stockholm, etc. Most of the weight comes from a joke present I'm taking to my 'ex'; he adores extra spicey Clamato juice, so I have the largest bottle on the market crammed into the case, and that is one heavy bottle. Hope he appreciates the effort.

Nadine Vancouver