Subject: Re: Summer Plans!
Hi Ziners

With my 2006 "big" vacation plans almost complete, I am beginning to scratch out plans for February 2007 (always looking forward to the next trip). On my short list is a trip to South America, specifically a few days in Rio at Carnival then on to Chili to backpack the Torres del Paine circuit. I am budgeting 2 weeks plus 1-2 extra days. Can anyone offer advice on the following:

*What city should I fly into for the Torres del Paine hike and what is the ease of getting there from Rio.

*Is anyone familiar with a reliable company in Rio that I can contact about apartment rental during the last 3 days of Carnival? I will be looking for a 3 bedroom. Or, should I find a hotel and forget about apartment rental?

*Any advice about spending time in Rio during Carnival?

*Any advice about backpacking the Torres del Paine circuit?

A thread that came to mind while reading about the University of Wisconsin at Madison, ice cream shop is, "What makes your hometown (or current place of residence) a very special place to visit?"

Thanks Beverly Knoxville, TN