Subject: What Makes My Town Special to Me!
Hi Ziners

A little information about what keeps me in Knoxville, TN....

Knoxville, TN is my hometown and the place I chose to return to after years of mid-west living (Cincinnati and St. Louis). What makes Knoxville very special to me is its location to a variety of outdoor possibilities. From west Knoxville, I am positioned approximately 45 minutes from trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 1-1/2 hours from the Big South Fork National Recreation Area, 2-1/2 hours from numerous trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway and just 5 minutes from the nearest greenway for an evening walk. Hiking and backpacking obviously rank on top of my interest list!

One of my favorite evenings in Knoxville is dinner with friends at the Tomato Head Restaurant (located on Market Square Mall) and a walk along the riverfront. Knoxville has some growing to do to be a great tourist destination but we are seeing signs that the city is headed in the right direction!

Let me know if you decide to visit the area!

Beverly Knoxville, TN