Subject: Re: Summer Plans!
Hi Peter,

Your admonition came too late for me. Kansas City had an ice storm in January, 2002 that was a record breaker. Power off all over town, thick ice on the streets, the grass, the trees all broken down, and I went outside to help clear the driveway. I walked on the grass to be safest, but alas I slipped and went down, breaking my ankle with a "crack" you could hear all over the neighborhood. A call to 911 brought first the fire department, then the police, and finally an ambulance (routine for our part of town) - plus a few neighbor kids who took my picture. But here's the really sad part. I take groups on trips - I plan them, then go with the group. I had planned a wonderful trip to Spain and Mallorca that year, and guess who was still sitting at home in a wheelchair while everyone else was off on MY trip - the first one I've missed in 27 years.

But I do want to say that the doctors did a wonderful job of piecing the ankle back together and I've been on several trips since the one I missed.