Subject: Armrest syndrome.
Hi, I recently returned from Buenos Aires, which means an 8 and a half hour flight.

Great flight on American Airlines, great seat (a window exit seat 31-A in a 777) except for the man seated next to me in 31-B!

He took over the armrest between seats, his elbow overflowing a little into my seat, enough to constantly tapp me with his elbow. Of course, all of me was on my side of the armrest. So, I had to ask him, please! to keep his elbow on his side of the armrest. It wasn't pleasant, and frankly it spoiled my otherwise perfect flight.

I am wondering if this happens only to me! It is not the first time I had to endure this armrest-cinema syndrome!!!

What would you have done in the same circumstances?

Graziella- Miami Beach.