Subject: Transporting Animals
Hi Ziners,

Tonight, we went to a reading courtesy of the University of Toronto Bookstore. At the lecturn were James Chatto and Carol Drinkwater.

Chatto is a food, wine and travel writer who has recently penned a book titled "The Greek for Love" about purchasing and rebuilding a house on Corfu. Drinkwater has written a trilogy about her experience buying a house in Provence in the "The Olive Farm", "The Olive Season" and "The Olive Harvest".

Travel writing is big business these days as we all hope to live out our travel dreams. It was great to be transported for a few hours and think about how to accomplish the dream. Then the realist in me muttered: "What about the cats?

Material belongings can always be replaced but losing our cats would be disastrous. So Ziners, what are the practicalities of transporting animals on a flight?

Lucy, Toronto