Subject: Re: Transporting Animals
Hi Lucy and fellow Ziners,

We've had very good luck (all, please knock on wood!) here in the U.S. with our dog flying with us on vacation. She loves California. She hasn't gone with us the last two years as we are concerned about her age. She'll be 11 this summer.

We try to get a nonstop (direct?) flight, which is usually a little more expensive, but well worth the extra cost if one is available. We did go through Minneapolis once, NW, their very important pet program, and then back home through Detroit. I always tell them when we board that we have our dog travelling with us and we would like to know when she has been loaded. Didn't do anything any different when we boarded the flight in Detroit. The plane started moving and no one had advised us she'd been loaded so I shot out of my seat like a missle (the flight attendant was not a happy camper). They hadn't loaded her. I think they'd forgotten our luggage, too, but the luggage can be replaced, not the pup. In fairness to Northwest, that portion of the flight was on Mesaba (spelling?) Airlines.

If you want to travel internationally, you might want to check Globetrotting Pets: An International Travel Guide by David J. Forsythe, MD.

A kitty should fit under the seat and be able to fly with you (we're not so lucky with our dog) which should be much less stressful for both the humans and the pet(s). There is a cost for the pet. We usually pay between $75 - $100 each way and I think the cost to fly in the cabin is about the same. On the other hand, if they'd let us, we'd buy Sunny a seat.

There are lots of good books available for states, areas, US and Canada providing information on lodgings and things to do with your pets. While we don't have a cat, we do very much enjoy travelling with our dog.

We have tags on Sunny for both our home and our son's in CA for when we go visit). When we fly, she has to have a health certificate that we get at the vet the day before our departure. They have a time limit and you want to try to ensure it will cover your return trip. Or be close enough not to be a problem.

You would also want to ensure that the cat has been familiarized with the 'crate' prior to flying.

Travelling with your pet is most certainly a very enjoyable can do.

Very best wishes and happy travelling, Peggy * SW OH USA