Subject: Re: GSM phone for traveling US resident?

We've decided to go with a Mobal GSM phone. They sell a dual-band ($49) and a tri-band ($99) Nokia. We opted for the tri-band. What we liked about it is that you have one sim card and one phone number for the life of the phone. Since we use our USA cell at home (and we're happy with the service as we travel with our RV all over!) we wanted a GSM that we can use when we're out of the country and when we get home just store it till the next time. The use charges are charged to our credit card. We didn't want to bother with sim cards for each country which means we probably will never use up the time on each sim card. With Mobal we pay for what we use. Also, if a family member wants to use it, they do and just reimburse us for the use charges.

Regards, Jane, Boca Raton