Subject: Quebec City and Gaspe Peninsula
Hi Ziners,

My husband and I were planning to go to Quebec City for a long weekend in May, but we ended up having to postpone it. Now we're planning a trip from about July 16-24 and want to go to the Gaspe Peninsula as well as to Quebec City. We'll be driving from upstate, NY. When we travel to Canada, we usually cross the border at Rouse's Point, but are thinking we might go via Vermont this time.

We thought we might stay two nights along the way to Gaspe. Any suggestions as to where we might want to stop? We love, villages, walking and maybe even some biking if it isn't too hilly.

On the Gaspe Peninsula we are thinking of staying at the Presbytery in Perce ( Is anyone by any chance familiar with it or have any suggestions as to where else we might want to consider staying. We like B&Bs and would rather not pay more than $90CAD/night. A private bathroom is not a must.

We plan to stay in Quebec City for a couple of nights on our way home. We're thinking of staying at La Boheme ( or La Maison Daulac. (, both of which Garrit from Perth recommended. We're also open to other suggestions.

Thanks for any advice and/or words of wisdom. Landra in upstate NY