Subject: Rome and Prague questions
Hello Ziners,

The last week of a month-long trip through the low countries and a two week cruise still need some planning. Any help will be appreciated. Here are my questions:

1. We (two married couples) will disembark our cruise ship in Civitavecchia. What's the best and/or least expensive way to get to Rome?

2. We will be in Rome just one night and will spend our time around the Vatican. Any suggestions for lodging?

3. Is there public transportation from the Vatican area to the airport for our Alitalia flight to Prague?

4. Suggestions for lodging in Prague? We will be there for 6 nights, with our traveling companions the first 4 nights. We think we'd like to stay in the old town area.

Thanks for whatever assistance you experienced travel fans can provide.

Carolyn Austin, TX