Subject: Re: Rome and Prague questions

I lived in Rome for 5 months so I am unable to help you with lodging (I had an apartment).

With regard to getting to the airport, if you are flying Alitalia, you will be flying out of Fiumicino Airport (unless something changed). Here's how you get there...

- From the Vatican Area, the closest metro stop is Ottaviano (St. Pietro). - Take Ottaviano in the direction of Termini.

- Get off at Termini (5 or 6 stops), which is the train station and follow the signs to Ai Treni. There should be a sign that says Train to Fiumicino Airport. It should leave from Binario (platform) 25 or 26

- You can buy tickets right at the train, but they charge you about 2 euros more than if you were to buy them from a ticket machine, which are located near the metro. The cost is around 10 euro and the train takes about 45 minutes. The train leaves every 1/2 hour (maybe :25 and :55 of every hour) so plan accordingly.

If you do not want to take the train, you can arrange for a shuttle van to take you, which costs around 20-30 euro per person (maybe less). There are tons of people handing out flyers for these services, especially around il Vaticano. The shuttle can pick you up from your hotel if you want. Don't be "sketched out" by the flyer people, it is an extremely reliable service.

Or you can take a cab for 45 to 50 euro.

Lastly, on the east side of St. Peter's Basilica, there is the best Gelateria in Rome- Old Bridge Gelateria... seriously, at night the place is packed with locals. They're so good! Follow the Vatican walls to the east or right- the same direction to go to one of Europe's best museums, The Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. You can't miss it.

So that's it...hopefully this isn't too late. Have a blast. Oh in Prague, go to the top of the U Prince Hotel in the large square at night for dinner or drinks and enjoy an amazing view.

Ciao Ciao, Gabe