Subject: Re: GSM phone for traveling US resident
Hi, Pat,

Don't know if anyone's mentioned this yet, but has a list of international travel phone promotions, as well as a "tutorial" on GSM phones, SIM cards, etc.

Also, some good deals on unlocked, tri-band phones can be found at .

I thought the following phone offers were interesting ~ especially the Panasonic EB-G70, which looks like a round make-up compact with a mirror in the top lid!

Panasonic A100 triband world phone (unlocked) Price:US$80.00

Siemens S40 GSM Phone Tri Band. Use it anywhere in the World (Unlocked). Phone Price: US$93.00

Panasonic EB-G70 triband gsm phone (unlocked)Price: US$95.00

Good Luck! Rhonda