Subject: Re: Escape From Winter: Australia
Dear Sue,

I support your idea of coming to Australia during the northern winter. However, I am not sure about basing yourself in Narooma.

Narooma is a lovely beachside town on the south coast of NSW It is a great spot for a holiday but it is not close to any major airports. Therefore, to go to the other places that you have mentioned, you would need to either fly or drive to Sydney. I think that the drive would become pretty frustrating if you had to do it more than once or twice and you would need to check on the frequency and cost of flights (your friend may be able to help you with this) (Try REX who fly Sydney to Merimubla for about $122 each way

If the logistics of getting to Sydney from Narooma do not worry you, it would probably be a good base.

Unless you are here for a long time, driving to the various places that you have mentioned would not be an option. It would be roughly like going from Florida (Sydney) to Boston (Cairns) and to Texas (Uluru).

Tasmania is good. You could either fly there or catch a boat from Sydney or Melbourne You could then hire a car or campervan in Tasmania. There are lots of lovely B&B sort of places to stay throughout Tasmania. You may want to book ahead a bit if you are going in December or January.

If you are staying at Narooma you would need access to a car (unless your friend is going to drive you everywhere). Depending on how long you are here, you may be able to do a deal with a local car dealer for a purchase with agreement to repurchase (but I don't know).

If you are staying at Narooma, don't forget to visit Canberra for a day or two!

Peter from Canberra