Subject: Re: Escape From Winter: Australia

Thanks, Peter. I guess you are saying we should base ourselves nearer to Sydney. We plan on being in Australia for 6 months and you are right a long days drive to the nearest airport is a bit of a trek but I think we could make it work. It won't be as if we are traveling every week, there would be long spells in Narooma in between forays. I am taking your opinion into consideration however and will check out the areas between Narooma and Sydney, unless you have a suggestion. An opportunity for Tony to sail would be essential to our choice, he isn't fussy, anything from a small dingy to crewing a large keel boat would be wonderful. A purchase with an option to buy back a vehicle sounds ideal, or maybe there are short leases available. Now that we are seriously starting to gather information, I am getting quite excited by the prospect.

Candice certainly makes Tasmania for New Year sound tempting. I assume we would need to book the flights early. GTG in Canberra anyone?

Thanks to everyone. Regards Sue Waterloo ON