Subject: Re: Credit Cards Abroad
Hi Ziners!

Just to pool our information: Providian doesn't (yet) charge a transaction fee. Capitol One (whose card I already have) admits, upon questioning, that they are about to add one. MBNA, a relatively long holdout, has just recently imposed a fee, and I cancelled my card. Charles Schwab Co., using Visa, says that it has no fee (yet). So there are possibilities for hold-outs, banks that might use this matter to attract customers.

I am hoping that a bank will find it worthwhile to issue a card appealing to travelers. This is a very important issue. Imagine if the government imposed a 3% tax for everything we brought abroad (in addition to the standard 1% conversion fee). There would be an outcry and the EU would complain of constraint of trade. But when it comes to credit card companies, the public is docile.

Anyway, if you hear anything new, please keep us posted.

Mike in Madison, Wisconsin