Subject: Interesting Roadside Attractions
Hi Ziners,

A couple of years ago, John and I were driving in Wyoming headed for some backpack destination and stopped in a small town for gas. As we looked around, we realized that this town's claim to fame was the "Jackalope." Everywhere we looked, this mythical "rabbit with horns" was replicated in plastic . Because it was so different and a bit humorous, the stop in this little town has really stuck with me.

The memory has me wondering about other unusual roadside sites. What roadside attractions have you stumbled across in your travels across the US (or Canada, name it)? It would be fun to pull together a road trip based on this type of "unusual" attraction.

I found the following web address but would be interested in knowing if anyone has actually stopped to visit one of these sites and what they thought!

Beverly in Knoxville, TN