Subject: Re: Interesting roadside attractions
Hi Beverly and Ziners,

Your story of the Jackalope made me smile. While my story isn't exactly a roadside attraction, I just had to tell you about our brush with a "Wolpertinger" in Innsbruck.

We wandered out of the main shopping area and looked in the window of a nearby shop, which turned out to be a taxidermist. On display amongst all the animals was a hare with horns and big buck teeth. It was labelled a Wolpertinger. I took a picture of it, and asked our tour guide (not a local) if she knew anything about the animal, which she didn't. Back home I looked it up on the internet and guess what, I'm sure it's related to the Jackalope. It's a cross between a hare and a deer, and lived 16 million years ago! (That taxidermist was sure good at his job, it didn't look that old). You can only catch a Wolpertinger apparently between February 29 and 31, so the person who caught it was really, really lucky.

I wonder if every country has their mythical creatures? In Australia we have one called a Bunyip, and it's a scary dude:

Regards to all, Sally from Sydney

P.S. I second all the good information Sue is getting about her 6-month stay. Plan carefully Sue, away from the coast the temperature in summer can be over 40 degrees C. for days at a time. Not that pleasant.