Subject: Re: Interesting Roadside Attractions
G'day Ziners,

Roadside and town-centre items seem to be worldwide.

We have a host of such things around Oz - The Big Pineapple (just what it says) near nambour in Queensland, the Big Merino (sheep) in Goulburn, the Big Banana out of Coffs Harbour, etc etc etc.

One of the most whimsical that I have seen is the "Bufferoo" in Camooweal, which is right on the Queensland/Northern Territory Border, in the sort of surroundings where an offbeat sense of humour is essential to survival. As you drive into town from the East, there is a concrete staue about 20feet high of a fine specimen of a Bufferoo - half Kangaroo, half Buffalo.

Not surprising really, as the indiginous Kanga and the imported (but well established) Buffalo are equally common around this area.

Life would be less interesting without this sort of nonsense - long may it live !!!

Paul in Sydney