Subject: Re: Interesting roadside attractions
Good Morning (or Evening) Sally, Nancy and Ziners,

Yes, I think the Wolpertinger must have migrated to the US at some point in history, no question the Wolpertinger and Jackalope are related. I am marking February 29-31 on my calendar to travel to Innsbruck to chase down that "wacky wabbit." :-) I am not so sure about chasing down the Bynyip. I think I will leave him to the swamp!

Nancy, the stuffed animal park on Manitoulin Island sounds like quite the Roadside Attraction. One can stroll along the nature trail and not worry about the animals hiding. animals to feed, the park owners have it made!

I personally like the Sir William Mackenzie Inn's method of handling a disaster. Old majestic trees that would be lost forever, turned into beautiful sculptures for all to enjoy. Now that is a Roadside Attraction worth stopping for!

Thanks for sharing! Beverly in Knoxville, TN