Subject: Re: GTG in Canberra
Hi Peter and fellow Ziners,

Unfortunately (for me) Tony is not interested in multiple bases in Australia, he wants to hunker down somewhere with a hot sunny climate with hiking, cycling and sailing as options in the area. What we want is a small flat or apartment where we can base ourselves. We will rent/buy a car and are looking into various options for that. We will use the car to get around the surrounding areas and fly to more distant destinations. Tony now tells me he just has to go to Cooper Pedy as well as Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

Narooma sounds a likely place although we now realize it is not ideal for sailing. So yes Peter, if you or any others on the Zine have ideas, we would be happy to hear them. The big bonus for me is that a 'stopover on the way in Bali is a definite possibility. I know it isn't exactly enroute, but with a bit of creative scheming, it could be. Pity we will miss the Alice Springs Regatta, it sounds amazing, how they come to have an entry in the Sydney Hobart race is intriguing too.

Thanks again everyone, we are looking forward to meeting some of you in Canberra or Sydney and just about anywhere else we get to visit.

Regards, Sue Waterloo ON