Subject: Norway Help

I have two close friends who have done me some big favors in the past and as a favor to them in return, I'm trying to help them plan a vacation in Norway for this August.

They want to spend about 10 days there. They would like to see nature and not spend too much time in cities. They like to be outdoors - fjords, mountains, train rides, etc.

I went to the "Norway in a Nutshell" site and it's as clear as mud on exactly how to book and what you get. It involves trains, hotels, boat rides, etc, but never says anything about guaranteeing seats, rooms or exactly how it works. There's no itinerary mentioned at all! It's not exactly a user friendly site. It wants to take your credit card and the only thing that's clear is that everything is non- refudnable once you pay. They just don't seem to want to tell you what you're paying for.

My friends need help creating an itinerary - they don't mind following a plan like a Norway in a Nutshell tour - though they do not want to join a group. Nor do they want to make big plans only to find that they can't get on a boat or a ferry or into a hotel room.

They plan on flying in and out of Oslo....though they can probably switch to Bergen if it's easier to start there.

Thanks, Candice