Subject: Re: Istanbul and warm water
Hi Ann,

I was in Istanbul maybe ten or more years ago. My husband and I were on our own and bummed about. Did find several day tours which took us around, we did ferries from here to there, and generally puttered around.

However, do want to recommend a hotel, the Empress Zoe in Sultanamet, just below the Blue Mosque. Reasonable prices and has atmosphere. When we were there, was owned and run by an American woman married to a Turkish man. I see it's listed in Lonely Planet. Website: Singles and doubles $55 to $70 w/shower. Breakfast was included and was eaten at the rooftop bar with a magnificant view.

Nearby was a small travel agency, The Backpacker. I don't know if he's still there but he was most helpful to us. Oh yes, I remember: for a small fee, they (EmZoe) picked us up at the airport. Really nice as we arrived in the middle of winter night.


Jo in Sunnyvale