Subject: Re: Norway Help

I haven't done the Norway in a nutshell tour so it is hard for me to comment on that. But taking a trip in the western fjords can be breathtaking even if you don't follow the tourist routes. Look at this link This guy took his Harley-Davidson and drove along the west coast and on the way he past fjords, glaciers, mountains etc.

In the Stavanger area where I live you can also go day hiking to some beautiful favourites are (Kjerag) and Preikestolen (the pulpit rock) At Kjerag you are more than 3000ft above the Lyse fjord so the view is quite amazing.

Well, I hope that it has been of some help...if you want more info about the Norway in a nutshell you can call Fjord Tours on +47 815 68 222

Regards, Gard Stavanger, Norway