Subject: Re: Norway Help
Hi Candice,

The trip can be done in one day or you can stay overnight at different places enroute.

Price includes: • Train Bergen-Myrdal • The Flåm Railway, Myrdal-Flåm • Fjordcruise ont the Sognefjord, Flåm-Gudvangen • Bus Gudvangen-Voss • Train Voss-Bergen • Free entrance to the Flåmsbana museum in Flåm

Another option is to go with the "Hurtigruten", which is a coastal wessel, leaving Bergen every night and tracking along and in the fjords all the way to Kirkenes, close to the Russian border.One way trip is 5 1/2 day, but you can take a return at any point enroute since there's a ship every day.

As for e-mail adress to the Bergen touristoffice I can't help, maybe a quick call and they can answer that question.