Subject: Re: Italy Travel Question
Hi Pat and Ziners,

About two months ago, we took the bus from Rome to Siena, and back again. We used the bus because we were advised by the Manager of our hotel in Siena that this was the easiest way. If you go by train, you have to change trains in Chiusi. We paid 35E each, for a round trip ticket. We bought the tickets at the station, just before departing. Incidentally, buses leave from Tiburtina Station in Rome, not from the main Termini Station.

The trip was comfortable, and the bus left right on schedule both ways. One thing, on the trip to Siena, one had to load one's own luggage onto the bus, and unlike all buses in North America where luggage goes into a compartment that is almost at ground level, the compartment on this particular bus was several feet off the ground, although it was possible to climb a few stairs to get up there. The driver did not load the luggage, although some of the passengers were helping each other. If you only have carry-on luggage, this shouldn't be a problem. On the way back, the compartment was lower down, with no problem.

Have a great trip. Oh yes, it was fun to watch the countryside gradually turn "Tuscan"!

Margaret in Toronto