Subject: Re: AAA <-> Royal Automobile Club Australia ?
G'day Bill, and any Ziners around and about,

Ref the question of reciprocal motoring organisation benefits, I will quote you the relevant message from the NSW body (the N.R.M.A.) -

Benefits for NRMA Members The Australian Automobile Association (AAA), of which NRMA Motoring & Services is a member, is affiliated to auto associations (or clubs) throughout the world. These associations have agreed to provide service to financial members of each other's association on a reciprocal basis.

The level of service provided by the clubs varies. The AAA categorises them from A - D depending on the level of service they provide. For example, Category D provides basic limited advice and touring information, whereas Category A provides all services, including breakdown services. Many overseas motoring clubs now charge, particularly for emergency road service. There is no guarantee that any particular service will be available and some may only be offered if you take out membership with that association.

(end quote)

Obviously this is aimed at our members travelling overseas, but it IS reciprocal.

You probably know that each state in Australia has its own motoring body, several of which carry the sobriquet "Royal Automobile club of ....". NSW is different, NRMA stands for National Roads and Motorists Association, but despite that, it is state based, not national.

The NRMA website will give you a good resume of services avaialable, as well as links to all state bodies,

Paul in sunny Sydney