Subject: Re: Rome to Siena Question
Hi Pat

I notice that you worded your question as "the best and least expensive way to get from Rome to Siena."

While train may be the least expensive, many travelers prefer to take the bus to Siena because of the position of the bus station as noted in another email.

I also think you need to take the position of your lodgings into consideration. A taxi from the train station outside Siena to your lodgings may be more expensive than a taxi to your lodgings from the bus station inside Siena.

However, if the train is significantly faster, and the train fare less than the bus fare (as it seems to be), you will need to make some choices. I suggest emailing the hotel and getting relative taxi costs from there to the bus and train stations.

You can then compare times and costs with all the information you will need.

Best regards, Debbie in Pittsburgh