Subject: Trying to choose an August holiday destination
Hi Ziners,

I am having some "doubts" regarding this summer holidays. I have begun a new job, and although I know that I will have around three weeks holiday, I still donīt know exactly when in August I will be able to go away.

As it is going to be a very last minute thing, I would like to plan for two or three scenarios. The idea : trying to use as much public transportation as I can, if possible, Iīd like to stay put in one place and rent an apartment or maybe do two to three days long stays, spend around 12 to 14 days (including travelling there, but as we are talking of intra-european flights ... not so bad ...)

1._ Hungary. We would love to go to Budapest and visit the country in day trips. Only drawback, flight prices, availability and how difficult is to manage without a word of Hungarian?

2._ Italy. Very cheap flights with, a lot of missing places. I was thinking of travelling up from Rome to places in Tuscany and Umbria, or maybe getting a train to Bologna, stay there and travel around. An apartment in Rome would also be nice, if I could manage to make a lits of day trips outside of the usual suspects already done.

3._ England. Still good prices with Easyjet. Only problem, having to pack for the rain :( , just in case. I wouldnīt rent a car, I wasnīt good at all when driving in Ireland, and I would really prefer to use trains. I am trying to come up with an interesting itinerary including towns and cathedrals (discard Bath, we have already been there).

Could you help me to get something ready for the moment I am told about my holidays?

Kind regards,

Covadonga Bilbao/Madrid - Spain