Subject: Opening of the new Prado Museum
Hi Bill,

if you buy me a crystal ball, I might be able to tell you a date :)

OK, talking seriously, it seems that the actual government has more or less stopped the project funding, and right now nobody knows when it will be finished. It was a polemic project, and there have been a lot of problems regarding it (it seems that politicians think sometimes they can be better architects than someone so interesting as Moneo). Nevertheless, the extension (once it is finished one of these years) won´t give more space to the collection. It will have space for workshops, an auditorium, shops ...One of the complaints concerns the utilization of the Jeronimos cloister, a church behind the Prado where many of the posh weddings are held. The church has a gothic and plateresque origin, but right now has gone through a bit of XIX century updates, and IMHO, it won´t be such a big loss.

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Covadonga Bilbao/Madrid - Spain