Subject: London tragedy evanmroth
Dear Ziners,

As a Paris resident for nearly five years, I was greatly disappointed that "my city" lost the 2012 Olympics to London. I felt so sad for Paris, which put so much into the effort to obtain the Games.

Today I feel a greater sadness for London following the explosions that may have killed dozens and injured hundreds.

I have good friends in London, and I've always enjoyed visiting that wonderful city. Today, Londoners should have been celebrating their great Olympics victory. It's doubly tragic that celebration has turned to mourning.

My condolences to the families of the victims of this vicious attack, and to all Londoners.

Today, Parisians stand in solidarity with Londoners.

Evan in Paris

Mod's note from Linda: Evan, you expressed beautifully the sadness we are all feeling. Today all of us are Londoners.