Subject: Hotel at Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris Travelers,

I am making a 7:30 am flight from CDG to Marseilles and have decided that I will spend the night at an airport hotel inorder to make my early connection. Does anyone have any experience with an airport hotel? I see many on line based on their distance from the airport but as long as they have a shuttle that is all that I am interested in. I assume that I will have to arrive at the airport by 6am so I must be sure that their shuttle makes an early morning run.

I will have to travel to the hotel the night before from Paris and am not inclined to travel by train to the airport and then to connect to the hotel. I assume that I may have the hotel call me a taxi but does anyone have an alternative suggestion. I know that it will be expensive but I think that I just have to include the ride in the total cost of my vacation.

I just reviewed an old posting for Paris regarding the single traveler and things to do and am getting very excited.

If anyone is interested in an GTG on Thursday, October 20th or lunch on Friday October 21st, perhaps we could start coordinating.

Bettina Jerusalem