Subject: Guatemala and Belize ???
Greetings fellow travelers,

Last year my wife and I visited all of the major Maya sites of Yucatan, Quintana Roo and the huge site of Teotihuacan outside of Mexico city.

The trip was so exciting and educational we became hooked on the Maya culture and we are now in the process of planning our next trip in March of 06. We plan on exploring the ruins of the Peten area in Guatemala and sites in Belize.

We are going to fly into Villahermosa and visit Palenque and Aqua Azul for a few days. We will then either fly into Belize or Flores to use as a home base for day trips to the various ruin sites. The total trip will last two to three weeks.

This is where we need your advice and help Ziners.... any recommendations for housing? We are not "tour people", and prefer independent travel but would consider a tour if highly recommended and reasonably priced. Anyone have experience with car rentals in Guatemala and independent travel? What about safety.... I read the US State Department website and the area sounds a little scary, (but the State Department website usually paints a bleak picture on just about every destination) anyone have any personal experiences they can share with us? My wife and I are experienced travelers and always take reasonable precautions.

We look forward to hearing your advice and information.

Thanks, Frank Garcia, California USA