Subject: Summer holidays
Hello, Ziners:

Summer is not my favorite time to be far away from home, but it sure is loaded with memories of local trips. I know many of you dash off for quick trips to lakeside cottages, the shore, the mountains.

As I'm thinking about my menu for a quick camping trip this weekend to the Oregon coast with the Most Precious Grandchildren, the memories come crowding in: the little guys getting totally filthy, burning marshmallows over the fire, picking wild berries, running on the sand, staying up late, hoping for a meteor shower, taking a night hike with flashlights & telling ghost stories in the tent. Somehow, even Italy or Scotland pales with the joyful memories of trips with the little ones. I bet many of you know what I mean.

We'll go with veggie dogs, s'mores, huckleberry pancakes cooked over the fire, corn on the cob in the coals & pb&j sandwiches. Who cares what order we eat them in! Another fave is "walking salad": an apple, cored, & stuffed with raisins, nuts & peanut butter.

Gotta go check the level of propane in the camping lantern,

Gail In Eugene