Subject: Re: Suggestions for Four Days in Kuala Lumpur?
Hi Dick,

Sorry to get back to you so late but, besides suggesting that you look at the archives for my (and others) recommendations from a few months ago, I thought I'd send a note to a good friend who happens to live in Moscow right now but lived in KL for about 3 or 4 years before that. Here are his comments:

I suggest they look at concentrating on Chinatown. There is the Federal Hotel (and a couple of others near it) on lower Bukit Bintang. Then there are great outdoor Chinese restaurants one block over on Jalan???. Coliseum steakhouse is an experience. Islamic Museum is outstanding (architecturally). A day or so in the highlands might be a good idea. R PS there is a train to Singapore but it takes 7 hours. It is a slice of local life and I enjoyed it-- Cynthia didn't. It could be considered for one way.

It's an interesting city and I hope you enjoy it. Cheers from hot and steamy Hong Kong! Judy