Subject: Re: Oregon
Hi Ziners,

I wanted to add my 2 cents to the Oregon travelogue. On Hwy 26, part of Gail's itin, coming over Mt. Hood, headed for Bend, stop on the Warm Springs Indian reservation for a tour thro the museum. It has been wonderfully done & has some fascinating NAI memorabilia. There is a resort, lodge, golf course, & casino at Kahneeta, also on the rez. It's a spectacular drive off Hwy 26. The hills, buttes, mt. vistas& sparkly river are worth the time. Actually coming from Mt. Hood on Hwy 26, you take a well-marked road across the rez to Kahneeta & then back into Warm Springs so you can make a triangle & not backtrack. Takes about 2 hours with looking & stopping & driving. Of course, OR has lots of spectacular scenery but it's fun to see the NW Indian culture.

Carol Bailey in N. Idaho,